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American moms have a preference for mobile devices

Although this blog recently discussed the prevalence of single women. Who can be addressed with small business online marketing plans, there. Are additional of interest, as long as you stay informed of the specifics. One study by flurry suggests. That american mothers American moms haveĀ  spend a lot of time on various mobile devices, and their presence. Can tip off marketers as to the best ways to deploy ad space.

One interesting bit of information provided by the study, which. Looked at the mobile habits of 24,985 u.S. Users, was the fact that more. Moms use ipads and apple products in general than the total percentage of americans. That do (with moms using 17 percent more than others). On ipads, iphones and android devices, the most. Popular use of time was games, by far, accounting for. The primary activity of 53 percent of android users.

In fact there are several categories where mothers apparently

Mobile users, including news, fitness, and education-based applications. This could prove useful to anyone planning a targeted online advertising. American moms haveĀ  Campaign with space on sites that promote any of these interests. Since the overall conclusion of the. Study was that moms primarily turn to their devices “To escape,” this could also be a group. For those in the travel and hospitality industry to focus on.

This might all make sense, but a company usa telephone book can understand who they want to reach and still lack the tools to do so. To remedy this, key media solutions can present specific strategies to help your business succeed.
Times and statistics are always changing, and the trends prevalent in a certain section of the economy now may not always provide the best ground to build a strategy on, especially when a new demographic emerges. Small business internet marketing campaigns within the travel industry should pay attention to one group in particular, according to an article on business2community: single women traveling by themselves.

As this piece which was authored using contributions

Women’s travel club founder phyllis stoller, demonstrates, much. American moms have of current travel marketing is centered around groups and KH Lists social experiences rather than individuals traveling on their own, even though solo women make up for around 70 percent of what the article calls “Cultural, adventure, or nature trips.

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