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New mobile marketing tactic for Best Western in Washington

Chances are, visitors to an unfamiliar city will be checking their mobile devices often for information, and this represents a prime opportunity for marketers. In addition to marriott’s recent mobile-related marketing effort, another well-known american hotel chain has adopted targeted internet advertising as part of a local campaign to sway area travelers.

Best western has undertaken an initiative New mobile marketing  with paypal media network to specifically target areas of most interest to those who are traveling. In addition to banner ads that link mobile users straight to the official best western website, the company has also reportedly been making improvements to its app as well.

This can be a sign of how relatively simple ad constructs

Can still be appealing to users. Chains aren’t the only ones who could benefit from this, as small businesses can similarly keep things simple and well-directed toward public travel spaces.

Mobile commerce daily spoke to paypal’s susan hodkinson, who described the company’s interest in this platform, and why this approach makes New mobile marketing¬† sense given the mobile use habits of the modern world.

“According to best western, the booking phone lists for sale window for reservations is no longer weeks in advance,” hodkinson said. “Travelers are now waiting until they are on the freeway to book.”

The rush of the traveler, whether they’re going between cities or countries, means they are ideal for targeted internet advertising that is to the point and compatible with their device’s functions. Key media solutions can advise companies as to the best way to make your ads more relevant to potential customers.

Local businesses are using the occasion as a selling point

The international business times reported KH Lists that one booking agency saw flights to london jump 17 percent in the days leading up to the event.

Though the city has many famous historic New mobile marketing  attractions to boast of, a representative of its official tourism organization, julie chappel, told the times that the international appeal of the country’s royal family makes this a particularly viable moment for the city in terms of appealing to visitors.

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