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As you do this, do you see elements and parts of the page that move, resize, adapt to the new resolution to give you a completely readable and navigable site? If so, then your site is responsive. Spee ​​and user experience are the priorities of responsive design In short, it is very to configure the site correctly for different devices, not forgetting to take care of the user experience. Responsive websites help avoid situations where the site does not load well on mobile, where the content is unreadable or the menu is faulty, which in addition complicates the life of readers and customers with navigation, prompting them to leave the site.

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However having a fast site, adding key information in a clear place and taking care of optimal browsing regardless of the device can have in Google and increasing conversion rates. Responsive design helps you do all of this and is essential for any website database these days.Contents and with new information. Be sure to read this article, but come back later, because some new information has been adde. Are you planning to launch a new website? This is definitely a very exciting process! on how to put anything and everything on your website. But first of all, you nee to start by finding a suitable domain name.


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The domain name must sound good and also be curious in order to generate a lot of interest in advertising and to get as many visitors to the site as KH Lists possible.choosing a domain name Here we explain to you how to choose the best domain name and how to find out which name is the best for your brand. Contents Domain Name – What is it? The domain name is your digital address (for example: .minuaadress.ee). This address will be notice by customers even before they open your website.

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