Recent studies, like one conducted by nielsen, suggested that perhaps. The most effective way to appeal to female consumers is through internet ads.

Researchers discovered that in december 2012, more than 115 million women. Within the united states were “Active” on the world wide web. This is a staggering figure, considering the fact that only 102 million men spent. A significant amount Nielsen research shows of time browsing websites. Females were more likely to. Favor job, retail and media sites such as hulu. During the fourth quarter of 2012, women spent 7 hours. And 12 minutes watching videos on the internet, while that number fell. To just under 5 hours when it came to males.

Women of all ages tended to outspend men by

When going to value stores and $10.32 at the grocery store, which could be influenced by targeted advertisements seen on the internet.

Yet, not all ads are created equal. There Nielsen telephone list research shows are some factors that nielsen recommends taking into consideration when creating advertisements.

“The female brain is programmed to maintain social harmony, so messaging should be positive and not focus on negative comparisons or associations,” read a statement from the media research firm, according to mediapostnews.

This is information is incredibly important for marketers

Especially given the fact that females are spending more money than men. It’s critical to keep in mind that in order to boost your company’s exposure, you need to get individuals to click on your ad. The more positive your website KH Lists banners are, the greater likelihood they are going to be attractive to women.

However, remember that regardless of which Nielsen research shows  demographic you are marketing to, you need to ensure that your ads are effective. To do that, consider working with a local online marketing firm like key media solutions. Our experienced agents can help you create relevant advertisements and campaigns optimized for the internet or mobile devices.

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