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75 percent of ad agency executives think online video ads are just

Advertising is a dynamic industry that continues to evolve in order to align with consumer behaviors. In a surprising new study, advertising agency 75 percent of ad  executives in the united states surveyed by brightroll, an online video ad platform, indicated that online video ads may have reached a point where they are as good or better at reaching audiences than television commercials.

According to digital marketing media outlet emarketer

75 percent of individuals polled said that they believe online video ads are either equally or more effective than television ads. Only 17 percent revealed that they think the opposite to be true.

Additionally, reports the source, 25 percent of advertising agency executives indicated that they expect the amount of money put toward buy phone number list online 75 percent of ad  video ads to exceed all other types of advertising in 2013, with mobile video ads following close behind at 23 percent.

“The growing complexity of the online video ad market means that advertisers now have a variety of ways to measure return on investment. But which method is best? This year, 36 percent of ad executives indicated that their clients placed the highest value on gross rating points (grp) or target rating points (trp) to measure the size of their audience,” states emarketer.

The key to making a successful video ad is creating a piece of content

That is engaging to your target audience. If you’re interested in incorporating this into your brand’s advertising strategy, consider working with a 75 percent of ad  local online marketing agency like key media solutions. For years, we’ve been KH Lists helping clients gain the exposure they want by creating custom advertising solutions.
There’s some exciting news in the ever-evolving world of mobile marketing, as appurify – a san francisco-based startup credited with creating a robust testing platform for mobile apps – announced in a may 28 press release that it secured $4.5 million in series a funding. According to the source, investors include google ventures, foundation capital and radar partners.

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