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Affiliate marketing is flourishing in the world

parties seller = company whose products are recommended publisher = blogger, individual, company or community customer = buyer of the product affiliate network = a site where dozens and hundreds of companies can register and give their products to be recommended by publishers. 1.1 Affiliate marketing in a nutshell You are looking for a company whose products you want to recommend You are looking for a product that you want to tell your readers about You get an affiliate link for the product, which you add to your blog and/or post The reader clicks on the link and buys the product You get a commission for the purchase The affiliate link is always personal.

Where does affiliate marketing income come

A code part is attached to the affiliate link, which registers the purchase and targets it exactly to you. The links are “active” for a certain time, so it doesn’t matter if the reader clicks on the new data affiliate link today but buys the product 4 days later. a cookie, which allows the purchase to be targeted to you even after a long time. By the way, this is one thing you should find out when you choose the right products in point 5. The longer the cookie time for the product, the better for you. Also read this:  from? Affiliate marketing usually uses 4 different commission structures percentage of the sale (e.g. 8% of the shopping basket total) commission for a lead (e.g. €0.15 per link clicker) fixed amount 0 regardless of how much the customer ends up buying) based on impressions (e.g. 1000 impressions bring you the more page downloads, the more commissions for you)

Affiliate marketing pros and cons Pros

Quick to start the easiest way to earn money, because you don’t have to spend time building your own products or negotiating cooperation in theory, there is no upper limit to earning money you can completely choose what kind of products you recommend on your blog – so you can choose products that match your brand and values you recommend products that are already popular and sell well – so you don’t need extra steps to get a deal you can monitor and analyze how KH Lists many people see the link or advertisement, how many click and how many actually buy the product -> and improve these Cons: companies may stop being in the affiliate network the company may go bankrupt the product may disappear from the market the company does not pay commissions you cannot influence the amount of the commission you cannot influence the commission payment schedule

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