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Chatbot Just Isn’t Good For Angry Customers; Most Prefer a Mix of Machine and Human

It helps them see your team as people, not just a brand name. Whether you work from home or at the office, a simple picture is an example of a great tweet idea.

Polls are a tool within Twitter that can be used to ask questions and gather information and feedback from your audience.

You’ll be able to gather valuable insights  while you are creating opportunities for engagement within your follower base.

If you are starting to run out of tweet ideas, you can also start researching and seeing what is trending in your industry.

You can share articles to spark interest and get conversations started about big trends in your space.

Shout-Out Your Employees

It’s always a great idea to show appreciation to your employees, and Twitter is a great platform to do this.

Whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary phone list milestone, or just a way to show your employees that you care, sharing a photo and a kind message is a great way to make content on Twitter.

If there are any upcoming events in your industry, you can use Twitter to promote and build excitement.

If you are participating in the event, you can even sneak peek previews of your booth or the products you’ll be demonstrating to keep audiences interested. Things like product launch anniversaries, brand birthdays, or reaching charitable goals are great tweet ideas for your business.

Job Openings and Opportunities

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Social media isn’t just for brand recognition and lead generation opportunities.

You can also use it to help you find new talent by posting about any new job openings or career opportunities that your organization wants to highlight.

This shows audiences that you care KH Lists about including them in the journey.

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13. Brand Milestones

You can use Twitter to share important milestones for your brand, and help garner more interest in your brand.

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