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Drive traffic to your travel blog

Starting a travel blog and choosing a memorable name for your blog is just the beginning. Once you’ve creat  your travel blog and are churning out content regularly. The next step is growing your travel blog . In this article we will cover: travel blogging is competitive experts share the best tips for growing a travel blog frequent questions travel blogging is competitive travel is a very popular blogging niche. So there is stiff competition for readers. However by implementing the right strategies and following proven best practices. You can grow your audience. Drive traffic to your travel blog. And become an authority in the travel industry. Even if your blog is relatively new.

To help you grow your travel blog

We reach  out to a group of travel bloggers and blogging experts and ask africa email list them to answer this question: “what is your  1 tip for growing a travel blog?” meet our group of travel bloggers and blogging experts: rehana aslam anjali chawla drew mann mark stoneman melanie hartmann sanne wesselman patricia palacios aima irfan rana good steph dyson henry’s purchase andrew helling melissa trachtenberg matteo meier jon morgan tory jon umar ali jim campbell david leiter jenna nye chris atkins john willis allison sicking anna hamilton jeyn dashner jurga rubinovaite izzy foxx phillip flippo julie roller weeks michelle halpern colleen lanin experts share the best tips for growing a travel blog read on to find out what our panel had to say about the most effective strategies you can implement to start growing your travel blog today.


Focus on storytelling instead of just writing content

 Rehana aslam rehana is a marketing assistant KH Lists at casa theluxe . ” focus on storytelling. People don’t just want to read about the places you visit. They want to feel like they’re there with you. Focus on storytelling in your posts. Weaving together personal anecdotes. Local insights. And cultural observations. This will make your blog more engaging and memorable. Focus on storytelling instead of just writing content.” anjali chawla an avid traveler and passionate storyteller. Anjali runs a family travel blog call  viaggi melodie where she strives to inspire families around the world to travel more and better.


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