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Faking subscriptions or invading privacy is not Email marketing

Faking subscriptions , Do you think Email marketing and Spam are synonymous? When we talk about Spam, we are not just referring to the classic advertising emails in our email inboxes… currently the issue has evolved and, at the same time, has spread to many other areas or facets of our online lives. If we analyze a little the messages we receive in our email boxes (and/or in the Spam tray), we will see that there are some emails with unwanted messages or with subscriptions to lists or blogs to which we have never given our consent. consent.

Spam are synonymous

That is, someone arbitrarily email contact list entered our email into those lists or, in other words , falsified that subscription or subscription (or whatever you like to call it).  Faking subscriptions.  Modern Spammers are not only multinational companies that try to sell us Viagra or some other miracle products, nowadays the topic has many more colors. A large number of small businesses, freelance professionals and/or supposed online marketing or social media agencies have also joined the Spam party (whether conscious or not). If you look carefully in your mailbox.

Email marketing 

you may find there emails from a KH Lists restaurant in your neighborhood that, since it has obtained or purchased a database of its neighbors, wants to show you its new menu (that is, it believes that this is the best way to attract more customers and increase bookings…). Although this works for many in the short term, in the long run these bad practices will bring more complications than advantages. Nobody says that you shouldn’t create an email marketing campaign in fact, if you want, we can plan one together.

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