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Even during the working with a client for a few years. Who regularly adds new products to the store but always with no description just technical specs. For , these are hundreds of poor quality subpages. Visibility hasn’t improve much in a long time so in the middle of last year we decide. That all products should have descriptions. So we prepare multiple product descriptions. As shown in the image below, these changes result in the store’s visibility in the top names increasing from to to . As I mention before the long tail strategy focuses on positioning the store base on product phrases which makes it very effective and can bring amazing results in the form of increase store revenue.

What is Progressive Web Application

I also invite you to read my previous article: How to position products in an online store? If you want to improve your product’s ranking in. Even during the Blog Running a blog for your online store provides you with a great opportunity to gain potential customer traffic. Unfortunately Photo Retouching the stores I analyze most often either don’t carry it at all or do it completely without a second thought. Someone once heard this was worth doing and did it but it didn’t do phrase research before and it wasn’t optimize for any phrases so again it’s art for art’s sake. Below I’ve shown a traffic chart for a tab from one of my client’s stores we’ve been running there for a few years. Its traffic reaches monthly.

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As you can see this can drive a lot of traffic to your store. It’s worth remembering something if you want people to read your material on a regular basis. Write What People Want to Read My foundation is the phrase study mention earlier from which I gain information KH Lists on what people actually want to read. I wouldn’t bring up a subject like this in the hope that maybe someone would read it. I select them by checking their potential in a keyword planner or other tool. Only once I get approval will we proce with implementing the content. Don’t write about what’s going on in your company because few people are interest.

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