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Let’s summarize together what exactly

 This is in fact one of the areas in which the market lacks specialists and. Therefore. Offers more employment opportunities for competent macos technicians and systems engineers. But do you know the difference between the jobs of apple software technician and hardware technician ? Let’s summarize together what exactly these two professional figures do: a) software technician: someone who solves system problems on machines and networks. Course for apple systems engineershe is the one who is able to install and connect computers and mobile devices to the network . To guarantee the security and backup of data and to intervene in the event of malfunctions or slowdowns of the devices and the network.

Thousands of companies and organizations

 Specifically. In the world of apple. The software technician works europe email liston macos and ios systems . Which are ideal for their user friendly interface (and not only!) even in a corporate context. In fact. Since the mac and iphone were ‘launch ‘ (in 1984 and 2007 respectively). There have been hundr s of thousands of users of apple technologies in italy . Thousands of companies and organizations that adopt them and just as many certifi  technicians who work on them with competence. . Even the job of a software technician cannot be improvis : managing apple devices in the world of work requires certain and certifi  skills .


Will be able to effectively deal with problems

 Beneath the ease of use of mac. Iphone and ipad. Lies a sophisticat KH Lists software engine. Let’s talk about macos for example. It is a versatile system for any context of use: for those who work. For geeks and for home. But it is a system that continues to evolve. Introducing new features and increasing security (while maintaining its exclusive ease of use): only an apple software technician . Who is train  and updat  on troubleshooting techniques on macos. Will be able to effectively deal with problems and anomalies. B) hardware technician: the person who repairs iphone. Ipad and mac applecare_espero we’re talking about the one who uses screwdrivers. So to speak. And who we see at work (or almost: apple laboratories are off limits!) in authoriz  service centers and apple stores.


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