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Link Building Dos and Don’ts

Link building can be one of those tricky things to get right. Even now, with google continually changing and updating, you want to be on top of your link building game. Not just for better search results, but also to show your consumers that you know what the heck you’re talking about, because you probably do.

One thing you need to be certain of is the Link Building Dos  difference is between good and bad links. Do you know that difference? Well, if you’re buying that link, it’s probably bad. If you think that link is spammy, it’s probably bad. The link should be something of value, something that gives back and makes you an expert.

When google released its latest round of updates

That dealt with link building, they said, “The goal of many of our ranking changes is to help searchers find sites that provide a great user phone lists experience and fulfill their information needs. We also want the ‘good guys’ making great sites for users, not just algorithms, to see their effort rewarded.” see? Google cares.

Giving out press releases, having someone Link Building Dos  link to your blog post because it helped their point, providing relative information, posting on your social networks linking about an upcoming event … these are all good links. These links tell your consumer something of value. It shows that you’re engaged with your industry and staying informed.

We as marketers need to remember that providing

The right information to the right people is key. The tricky part is not to annoy them. With proper link building techniques in your seo toolbox, you’re able to do that. So, get out there and link to this article.
According to a recent entrepreneur KH Lists magazine Link Building Dos  article, customer retention is crucial to an organization’s long-term success. Consumers must feel as if a business is making efforts to positively engage with them, otherwise they could choose to invest in a competitor’s product or services.

“Users often leave web pages within 10 to 20 seconds, but pages with clear and relevant value propositions can hold people’s attention for much longer,” the article explained. “Relevancy is key, and that is where personalization comes in.

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