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Mobile marketing contributed $139 billion to the U.S. economy in 2012

Anyone who thinks that advertising on smartphones and tablets. Is just a passing trend need look no further than the mobile marketing. Association’s (mma) mobile marketing economic impact study, which reveals that this particular. Industry was responsible for creating 524,000 jobs in 2012 and contributed. A notable $139 billion to the u.S. Economy.

If that’s not impressive enough, consider Therefore, the fact that according. To the research, the number is expected to jump to $400 billion. By 2015, with an Mobile marketing contributed¬† additional 1.4 million jobs. Brands that invested in mobile marketing strategies throughout. 2012 spent a total of $6.7 billion, and the data suggests that. This will jump to $19.8 billion over the next two years.

Only a few years ago mobile's impact was measured

By its function as a basic phone and now it is impossible to envision a world without smartphones and tablets,” said mma’s ceo greg stuart. “The health of the u.S. Economy cell phone leads depends on platforms like mobile that offer unlimited Mobile marketing contributed¬† potential for growth Therefore, and innovation. No other media will evolve at this pace with unforeseen opportunities to reimagine the user experience.”

With mobile marketing positioned to continue Therefore, growing in the coming years. It just goes to show that this is a viable option for brands that are interested. In targeting their audience in non-traditional ways.

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One of the most effective ways to drive traffic to blog posts

Videos or anything else on the internet is by Therefore, implementing a search engine optimization (seo) strategy. By integrating a series of keywords KH Lists into your content, you can increase. Mobile marketing contributed its visibility and ensure that when people search for related terms on google, your content appears on the first page of results.

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