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ACR’s noise reduction tools offer more control

And flexibility compared to the basic Reduce Noise filter. To use Camera Raw Noise Reduction in Photoshop: a. Open your RAW image in Adobe Camera Raw by double-clicking the RAW file or right-clicking and selecting “Open in Camera Raw.” b. Go to the Detail panel. c. Adjust the Luminance and Color noise reduction sliders to achieve the desired level of noise reduction. d. Fine-tune the detail and contrast sliders to balance noise reduction and image sharpness. Surface Blur Surface Blur is an advanced technique for noise reduction that selectively smooths out areas of the image while preserving important details.

It is particularly effective for reducing noise in

Backgrounds or large areas with uniform colors. To use Surface Blur for noise reduction in Photoshop: a. Duplicate the background layer. b. Go to Filter > Blur > Surface Blur. c. Adjust the Radius and Threshold sliders to find the right balance between noise reduction and Shadow and Reflection preserving details. d. Add a layer mask and use a soft brush to apply the effect only where needed. Frequency Separation Frequency Separation is an advanced technique that allows you to separate the image into high-frequency (details) and low-frequency (color and tones) layers.

Photoshop Services

This technique enables targeted noise reduction

Without affecting important details. To use Frequency Separation for noise reduction in Photoshop: a. Duplicate the background layer twice. b. Apply a Gaussian Blur to the top layer to create the low-frequency layer. c. Set the blending mode of the middle layer to Linear Light to isolate the KH Lists high-frequency details. d. Use a noise reduction method (such as Reduce Noise) on the low-frequency layer and adjust opacity as needed. Denoise AI Plugins In addition to Photoshop’s native tools, there are third-party plugins and software available that specialize in advanced noise reduction.

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