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The fewer members there are in your marketing Particularly good team the greater the risk of one person quitting. This risk is emphasiz especially in the situation when all technical operations were dependent on one person. Who can read Google Analytics reports anymore or find out when conversion tracking is broken in GTM? When working with an agency the risks are lower as the agency is able to make up for staffing shortages much faster and take over content production while you are looking for a new member of your team.

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How to keep up with trends and industry changes? The marketing office has information about new trends business database and changes in marketing channels. Up-to-date information helps to anticipate future changes in the market and offer the opportunity to use new tools more effectively in planning and implementing advertising. The office also invests heavily in product development in order to stand out from its competitors which brings completely new forms of advertising to your use.

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Read also SEO as support for growth – lead and e-commerce sales booster What then when the teams digital nerd suddenly quits? If the contact KH Lists person changes jobs suddenly / during a long sick leave the office can continue operations with your new contact person without interruption and at best even independently brief your contact person on the situation.

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