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Real time advertising could soon alter the TV market

New technology and innovation have allowed companies to create strong marketing campaigns that use real time advertising approaches. With more Real time advertising  consumers connected to mobile devices, organizations should gather as much data as possible and create ads that consider a customer’s location as well as his or her specific needs.

A recent bloomberg article discussed how this approach could even help the television industry, as tv makers are beginning to produce sets that are connected to the web and can track the live and recorded programs that viewers choose. Manufacturers are hoping to positively impact advertisers. Knowing details about what an individual is watching could better pinpoint which ads to display, as some might have more of an impact over others.

The company cognitive networks and sony's

Gracenote unit are two options for televisions that can track consumer data. Executives in both organizations told bloomberg that their software is similar to those that track websites consumers visit using computers and tablets.

Gracenote president stephen white telemarketing lists told the Real time advertising ews source that companies that pursue a multiple-device approach and seek to coexist with the current ad systems will have the best chance of success.

“When you have content and context-aware devices, the reality is you can do a lot more to hyper-target consumers and give them information they care about,” white said.

For example the news source said

That a pizza restaurant could have a commercial that offers viewers near their shops a discount, while lg could tie in skype so the customer never KH Lists has to leave their living room.

Targeted online advertising can be greatly Real time advertising  successful, regardless of the device that consumers are using. When businesses partner with key media solutions, they can develop campaigns that pinpoint what customers want and decide on the best format to give them the necessary information.

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