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Research shows consumers are annoyed by irrelevant online ads

Let’s face it, there are few things worse than bad online advertisements. Not only do they completely waste your time, but they also fail to present you with any relevant information.

As a business owner, you should channel these feelings of frustration. And use them to avoid common mistakes that companies Research shows consumers  often make. In fact, to give some context to this statement, consider the following: research. Has demonstrated that 87 percent of people who participated in a recent. Study have had enough with “Junk” advertisements.

The analysis was executed by analytics firm and insightsone, a market. Research group. The conclusion reached was that 23 percent of americans say. That they will begin to ignore a company after a single spam email or irrelevant. Online ad, and 43 percent revealed they would do the same after seeing two.

The american people are tired of companies that

Appear to not respect or understand their needs,” stated insightsone ceo waqar hasan. ”the results of the study show that consumers have a real limit on what they’re willing to put up with, and this very real problem will have a negative impact on a company’s income statement if they don’t do something about it.”

The most irritating type of ads include pop-ups and lottery scams, followed by:

Male enhancement ads
Emails from dead african dignitaries Research calling lists shows consumers  who have left them money
Ads for products and services they do not need
Female enhancement ads
The main reason that people were put off by these advertisements was because they were starting to interfere with online activities like surfing the web and shopping.

Don't isolate potential consumers by testing their patience

Instead, consider working with a local online marketing firm that can help you connect and target your intended audience.
Just because individuals in one area KH Lists of the world are engaging in certain behavior doesn’t mean others are doing the same in another region. “It’s astonishing how many retailers haven’t made it because they haven’t studied how consumers shop,” said branding aficionado barbara kahn. This year, she published a book titled “Global brand power.” in it, she describes. Research shows consumers the mistake that walmart made when building stores near industrial parks in china, when they failed to realize that individuals were shopping closer to their residences instead of where they were employed.

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