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The evolution of the Employer Branding concept


The evolution of the employer branding concept in b2b corporate marketing riccardo pavanello . 7 june 2023 b2b employer branding we have already seen in a previous article how employer branding is part of marketing and what advantages it can give to a company. Now let’s analyze how this concept has also become central in the development plans of a b2b company . For which brand reputation is a fundamental factor in the growth processes. Let’s see what connection there is between employer branding. B2b marketing and employee relations. You might be interest. In. “Employer branding. 

Employer Branding helps recruiting

What it is and why every company should focus on it” employer branding helps recruiting b2b employer branding the identification of valuable latest database professional figures is a basic activity for a b2b company that aims to constantly improve and maintain its leading position in its market niche. From a recruiting perspective. Employer branding becomes an extremely effective strategy for attracting talent to hire or collaborate with constantly. Because it focuses on building an excellent brand reputation and. In particular. On those aspects that concern the workplace. Benefits grant. To employees. Corporate wellbeing. 

LinkedIn's role in B2B employer branding


A digital communication plan d.Icat. To employer branding is a fundamental piece. Because the majority of people today. Before sending a cv KH Lists or going to an interview for a potential job. Do online research to understand what the values and reputation are of the company. However. It is not enough for the company’s marketing department to commit to posting content on social m.Ia and on the company blog to communicate the quality of the workplace . But this information must be confirm. By all (or almost all) employees and shar. By them online to reinforce veracity. Download the free guide now! 


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