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Upcoming announcement could herald video function for Instagram

Instagram, an app used for sharing photos that was recently purchased. By facebook, may be set to reveal video capability this thursday, according. To tech crunch and other sources. Though the details are being kept under wraps, there’s reason. To believe that Upcoming announcement could this will be the nature of the social network’s upcoming. “Big idea” that it’s been promoting, and those companies in need of small business internet. Marketing can prepare themselves for the possibilities.

It is thought that this development will allow facebook to compete. With or at least capitalize on the success of vine, a micro-video sharing. Service that has proved popular for twitter users. And since instagram has already. Proven a big draw for its new owner, it seems logical to expect. This video integration to be the next step.

Mobile marketing watch quotes tarran meyers as discussing the appeal of this service for small business internet marketing.

The addition of video to instagram would give a

Dvertisers an opportunity to better engage with consumers in a creative and comfortable manner that feels informal despite the advertorial overtones of the content presented,” meyers says. Whatever the announcement, it follows in the wake of facebook’s recent implementation of the hashtag, another potentially useful marketing tool.

But as new services offer real time call lists for sale advertising Upcoming announcement could opportunities, companies that take advantage of them will need to understand the best ways to keep their content in line with that platform’s tone. The consulting abilities of key media solutions can help businesses expand in ways that are beneficial and natural.
Key media solutions can help associations focus on their targeted online marketing in order to appeal to both consistent mobile consumers and those who encounter this technology only casually.

Real time advertising is becoming more sophisticated and businesses

Beginning to understand that users are most likely to be engaged with the internet through their various mobile devices. A recent announcement KH Lists from aol has suggested a startling Upcoming announcement could new avenue for collecting user data in order to glean advertising information: from a person’s emotions as they are shown on their face. This advancement comes from a company called realeyes and takes advantage of the omnipresence of cameras in devices like phones and tablets.

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