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We are launching the 2020 Best Inbound Marketing Strategy Award to reward those who move business strategies through innovative tools. It recognizes the most successful inbound marketing strategies, deployed in companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity . These few lines detail the reasons for this award. The Prize for the best Inbound strategy 2020: the logical continuation of IMF It is an event that is 100% “ customer benefits ” oriented, based on exchange between peers , the transmission of good practices and testimonials of experiences .


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This event allows you to show good practices. The right Malaysia Phone Number List strategies to put in place. All the keys to digital to develop your business in one day. – michel brébion, founder phone number list of inbound marketing france. It is in the continuity of our desire to exchange good practices. That the idea was born to offer marketing managers. Who so wish to present their approach to inbound marketing implemented in their company. This prize for the best inbound marketing strategy gives participants. The opportunity to detail the steps they consider strategic. To attract the right contacts. At the right time with the right offer.


It is in all legitimacy that the event

Phone Number List

They will be able to detail the actions implemented. At each stage of the conversion funnel to attract. Conquer, conclude and delight their customers. “What could be better than creating a prize to observe the best. Study customer cases, share expertise. identify KH Lists sectors of activity that are embarking. on new digital approaches such as industry or construction” – Michel Brébion. Founder of Inbound Marketing France. It is in all legitimacy that. the event dedicated to inbound marketing. in France rewards professionals. who innovate in their business strategies. those who try new things like new digital tools. The participant in this prize testifies to his experience and thus contributes. to enriching the knowledge of the visitors of .the event as long as his strategic actions are .recognized as the best by the jury of the prize.


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