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Will Facebook’s Latest Advertising Campaign Work

Will Facebook’s Latest This blog previously discussed how facebook was changing the marketing industry, with the company putting a larger focus on its mobile audience. The social media site continues to make headlines, as it announced last week that it will be changing how it uses video advertisements.

Adweek reported that facebook will be Will Facebook’s Latest  launching a small test for some of its mobile customers to receive autoplay ads. The videos will feature regular facebook users and musicians/celebrities with verified pages—like lady gaga—and will not have sound unless a user clicks it on.

The ads will appear in the facebook news feed feature, which according to the article, will closely resemble instagram video. There was not yet a timetable for when a full roll out would take place, but the types of videos that will play include those shot via instagram, social cam and cinemagram.

Solve media ceo ari jacoby told mashable

That he is not convinced that this approach will be successful. According to jacoby, effective video ads need to be memorable and leave a “lasting imprint.” silent autoplay ads are unlikely to do that, he said.

Regardless of the success of facebook’s latest advertising approach, small- to medium-sized businesses should take note. Video advertising phone lists campaigns, especially those on mobile devices, are an important tool for local online marketing. By partnering with key media solutions, companies can create effective campaigns utilizing everything from mobile Will Facebook’s Latest  ads to banner display ads.

A targeted internet marketing approach is essential, especially in light of jacoby’s comments that effective ads have to be memorable. When customers feel that an ad was created for them and their needs, it will be much easier for them to remember the product and the company.

Customers don't want to hear all about how great your product

The article explained. “What they wanto know is how you are going to solve their problem. Stop talking about yourself and start talking to the customer.”

Another suggestion is that the message KH Lists should be Will Facebook’s Latest  short and sweet. Bold headlines and shorter messages will have a greater chance of resonating with customers. Additionally, the beginning and end of an advertisement are more important, according to the article. The middle section tends to just be “Filler,” so the focus should be on how an ad starts and finishes.

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