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10 Main differences between SEO and SEM that you should know

10 Main differences between SEO and SEM that you should know. When you want to work on SEO and SEM positioning to improve the visibility and sales of your business, you have to know the differences between SEO and SEM , so that they can help you make the best investment decisions for your business in Digital Marketing. Imagine that you only depend on one channel to generate income and that one day the rules of the game of that channel change and you are affected.

What is SEO

Search engine positioning, also known by the acronym SEO (Search Engine Optimization) , is a set of rules that help us improve natural visibility within the Google search engine. Therefore, the objective is to achieve the first positions for certain target keywords, always with the objective of improving our conversions (leads, sales, clients, etc.) The objective is top people data always conversion and for this it is very important to carefully analyze the search intentions of each keyword, in order to choose well the path of the content that we are going to position through SEO.

Place and position

Place and position: Advertising through SEM will give you visibility at the top of the search engine if you obtain the first positions within the bid for that keyword email leads while with SEO you will always have a position that will be after advertising. Google has been increasing this advertising space in recent years to precisely give more prominence to SEM in its search engine, in the end it is its source of generating income and it is what matters most to it. From the ads we will find the 10 organic positions, which will sometimes be fewer when other search elements appear such as local searches, etc.

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