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How to make personalized photo caricatures without knowing how to draw, step by step

How to make personalized photo caricatures without knowing how to draw, step by step. In this article you will learn how to create your own caricature photo step by step. If you want to give an original touch to your personal brand , you have come to the right place. With this tutorial you can create your own personalized caricatures to use on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks. You can also use it on your website if you want to give a small casual touch to your brand or use it in a more subtle way in other tasks, such as presentations, contact page, avatar in the comments and a long etcetera that will depend on your need and creativity.

What is a personalized caricature photo

What is a personalized caricature photo. A photo caricature is a caricature with a realistic aesthetic , portrait type, based on a photograph . That is, a drawing with real proportions of the person, without distorting the proportions or exaggerating them , which is what generally characterizes common caricatures. Also called vector portrait . To do this, I make a drawing email database with a specific number of flat color tones and I usually avoid gradients, at least overloading the image with them, although depending on the style, they could be used.

How to make a personalized caricature photo in Illustrator

There are other programs to make personalized caricatures of this type, vector portraits , both paid and free, but the program I will use for this tutorial will be Adobe Illustrator, a paid vector design program . If you are a designer , you know perfectly well what program I am talking about and if not, it surely sounds familiar to you, since it is the best-known software for making this type of designs top people data although not the only one. Anyway, practically all vector design programs have the same tools, since I try to use the basic ones, so you can follow the tutorial with your favorite vector design software.

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