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Account is free forever The number of people working in it. company headcount search filters 3. Company Headcount Growth This filter is super useful to find growing companies in good health. You can for example target companies that grew at least 10% over the last year. Company headcount growth Remember that this growth is calculated on the headcount, not the revenue. To be really precise, the number is taken from her headcount growth linkedin filter . Technologies Used This filter is a good idea but it doesn’t work. Technology search filter There is absolutely no information on. LinkedIn’s documentation about how they find technologies used by companies. It makes it really hard.

Headquarter Location

This filter allows you to target companies seo expate bd based on the location of their headquarters. headquarter location search filter 5. Industry This filter allows you to target accounts based on the industry they have selected on their company page. company industry search filter You can see this info here: industry account linkedin filter 6. Number of Followers This filter allows you to filter companies based on their numbers of followers. followers sales navigator filters The only use I can see for this one is to only selected companies with at least 100 followers. That’s can be a sign that they have a legit business. Company pages with more than 100 followers might be managed by people without the budget to pay you.

Department Headcount

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.If you sell a product or a service that target KH Lists specific departments in companies like Accounting, Sales, Engineering, this filter is super useful. department headcount search filter For example, you can use it to target companies with at least 5 salespeople in their Sales team. 8. Department Headcount Growth Same thing as Headcount Growth, you can detect if a specific department is growing quickly inside a company. department headcount growth filter 9. Fortune Easily find Fortune 500 companies with this filter. fortune search filter.

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