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The webinar about changes

The webinar swój adres email Akceptuję regulamin i zapisuję się do newslettera zawierającego informacje o produktach i usługach ifirma. Zapisz się We have already written many times about the reliefs and ductions introduc by the Polish Order and we will probably return to these topics. One of the novelties is the introduction of relief for retirees/pensioners. We will describe what this relief is who can benefit from it and under what conditions in today’s publication. Who and when can benefit from the relief for Polish Ład pensioners.

This relief The webinar intend to encourage

People who reach retirement age to stay on the labor market longer. For those who do not know who can benefit from this relief a short reminder. Assumptions for PIT- relief for seniors. Reaching retirement age: years old woman years old men. Will remain on the philippines photo editor labor market despite reaching retirement age. The eligible person cannot receive a pension Income up to from the following sources of income. Is eempt from personal income ta: from non-agricultural economic ivities ta according to the ta scale flat ta and flat-rate income ta from the employment relationship from the mandate contr from the payment of maternity benefits.

The condition is that

A given person is subject to social security contributions on account of the above-mention income. Eample An entreprenr who meets the conditions for using PIT- for seniors but will benefit from the start-up relief in business ivity where only the health insurance  contribution is paid will not benefit from the relief for seniors. Eample A person who is KH Lists employ on a contr of mandate for which no social contributions are paid will not benefit from PIT- for seniors.

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