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Heading of posts and e-mails increasing the number of followers on social media growing your email list help with ideation (actually, sometimes it’s really painful how many ideas pop up in your head when you don’t have time to implement them ) strategic growth / development of business starting and developing blogging identification of the target audience (as a tool, the Customer Identification Stairs™) ideation of affiliate gifts, i.e. lead magnets launch of digital products Every now and then I get really good questions by email. I thought that in each results report I would go through 1 – 3 questions and answer them. 1.  coaching? It is true that the internet is full of free information. Free material has been used in some of the materials, for example in the .

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From Blogger to Professional™ online training. But it is worth realizing that free material alone is not enough. You can also find a lot of outdated and even wrong information on the Internet. It’s really frustrating when you act on free information and realize two months later that you made a big mistake.  yourself. You can study latest database where and when it suits you best. What is available in online coaching that the free information will never tell you is the coach’s personal experience. An experience that only comes through mistakes, errors and successes. I have founded the Blogger to Professional™ online coaching program for the very reason that I can help bloggers get ahead without a zillion mistakes and errors. Without lying, I have spent thousands of hours and almost €20,000.00 of my own money to learn everything possible about blogging.

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All this information has been tested, filtered, analyzed and compressed into a 12-week coaching program. And I strongly believe that every coach works on this same principle. In an effort to help the customer achieve results quickly and efficiently. 2. What kind of subjects are you currently studying? I am currently studying affiliate KH Lists marketing on my own and more specifically the importance of blog articles in affiliate marketing. I have identified 14 different affiliate marketing strategies that I have tested during the year – with success and failure. In addition to that, I study different social media strategies on my own. In January-February, one strategy will be tested on both Instagram and Facebook.

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