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All other income is recorded from the bank statement. I have drawn attention to the fact that I am unfortunately inconsistent in my results reports. On the one hand, I take into account sales in the profit reports, and on the other hand, how the money is credited to the company’s account. So this year, I have to pay more attention to this and decide which one I will follow in the future. The same is the case with expenses.  through the credit card (except taxes and yel) and the credit card invoices usually come 2 months late. In other words, in January I paid the expenses that had been incurred in October-November. November and December 2016 results report The expenses in November and December were as incl. value increase €90.20) Taxes total €3,836.71 Total expenses: €7,809.35 Final result +€8,219.24 * The credit card is charged for e.g.

A large part of the expenses goes

Facebook ads, Teachable and Campwire training platforms, LeadPages , Active Campaign , Dropbox , Picmonkey , Canvan images and other random expenses. If you’re interested in starting blogging or developing your own blog, I’ve written several different posts to help you get going: Start a blog for less than €100.00 3 easy steps to start a blog A blogger’s checklist Read more: TOP 7 ways to get money with a blog Goals for January: January flew by quickly  latest database already halfway through but it’s good to write down what kind of goals you have set for this month. 1. This month, the goal has been to write as many future blog posts as possible in advance. There are two reasons: At some point, a total block hits, and the text doesn’t even want to come out by force. With this in mind, I have tried to be diligent and write posts in advance, scheduling them at regular intervals.

Advance planning and content production

At the end of the month, the third official launch of the Blogger to Professional™ online coaching program begins. Many have hoped that the training would not be sold in advance, because the waiting time for the training to start is too long. Thankful for the feedback, I have therefore modified the training so that you can join at any time. 2. Affiliate Income Increasing affiliate income is very fascinating. I have written a lot of different blog posts and tested the KH Lists importance and structure of the content for the acquisition of affiliate income. I have identified a few important areas that an affiliate post must have in order to earn income. I just need to test this on an even larger scale to see if I got it right or if it was just a fluke. 3. Outsourcing I have internalized my own limits and come to the conclusion that my company can no longer grow on its own. I have become the growth stopper that I really wanted to remove from the business.

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