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To complete each task must be carefully evaluat depending on the effort requir and the resources available. Sometimes finding the internal resources to write and publish new content can be more of a commitment than. For example. Delegating these tasks to a specializ seo agency . Whatever the Create relationships based activities. An impact-effort matrix can help organize seo in a constructive and intelligent way. 5) review meta title and meta description meta title and meta description are metadata – precisely – record in the source code of the web page.

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Visible on the site. They are visible on search engines and. Therefore. Must meet seo requirements to contribute to positioning. Search Business Database engines. In fact. Scan these elements to match searches to the keywords us. The meta title is a text that recalls the topic of the page. While the meta description is a summary of the page in a few characters. Very often. Performing a site scan highlights seo problems that you were most likely not aware of before.

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Actions is precisely the review of meta titles and meta description . In addition to being elements that search KH Lists engines take into consideration to decide how to classify a page in relation to its relevance for a specific keyword. They are also read by users and therefore play a key role in arousing curiosity in reading and opening the page. Seo strategy if your meta titles have never been optimiz.

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