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Understand the Perception of Your Brand

Understand the perception of your brand in the market. And get immediate alerts if and when your mentions spike for good or for bad. Set up google alerts a robust collection of google alerts for the same terms you’re using in your social media monitoring plan can help you spot new web content that mentions terms relevant to your brand. This content can alert you to fake blogs. Websites. Or other digital content that may be linke from fake social accounts. New social accounts and individual posts may also appear in google alerts. 3. Develop a recognizable brand voice and aesthetic there’s much more to your brand than your logo and your name. The more recognizable your brand voice and your brand aesthetic are. The harder it is to create a fake account that mimics yours.

Followers Know Your Look and Your Voice

When followers know your look and your voice. It’s easier for them to spot when something’s not quite right. In the movies. Impostors are often calle out when they use the wrong nickname. Or get some other detail wrong that’s a re flag to those in the know. It’s the same here. Communicate consistently on social media and any inconsistencies in impostors’ accounts will become the re flags they should be. 

Reserve your brand name handles b2b email list the eli lilly example above was made easier for the trickster because eli lilly’s full brand name was available as a twitter handle. The company itself use a play on words lillypad as its own handle. We generally suggest using your brand name as your handle to prevent this type of situation. If you choose not to use your brand name.

Create Placeholder Accounts to Reserve Your Brand

It’s a good idea to create placeholder accounts to reserve your brand name so no one else can use it opportunistically. Get verifie on all major platforms the twitter pay-for-verification free-for-all was short-live. While more platforms hello. 

Meta are opening up verification KH Lists to the masses using a paid subscription plan. They learne from twitter’s example. Verification will now involve actual. Well. Verification. It’s a good idea to get verifie on all platforms. Even those you don’t use  unless regulations prevent your brands in your industry from using a certain platform. First. It’s wise to have a verifie presence for your brand on each channel ready to go in case you decide to expand your social presence.

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