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Even If You Never Extend to New Platforms

And even if you never extend to new platforms. That verifie account limits the potential for others to set up a fake account in the absence of your brand. 6. Have a crisis management plan in place the truth is that despite your best efforts. You may fall victim to an impersonation social account. If things start to snowball. You’ll be thankful to have a crisis management plan in place. First things first. Put any scheule social content on pause to focus on dealing with the impostor account. Then. As you work with the relevant social platform to have the fake account shut down. Everyone on your team will know what their role is in protecting the brand’s reputation from further damage while alerting followers to the potential for misinformation and scams.

Check Out Our Post on Mitigating

For more ways to protect your brand on social media. Check out our post on mitigating social media risks. Faqs about fake social media accounts is it illegal to have a fake social media account. Creating fake social media accounts violates the policies of all major social platforms. If you are caught. Your account will be remove. 

And you may face consequences b2b leads that affect your other accounts on those platforms. If you create a fake social account that infringes on someone else’s trademarks. You may be subject to legal action. How to find fake social media accounts. The best way to find fake social media accounts as they emerge is to put a social media monitoring system in place to keep an eye out for accounts that incorporate any of the following. 

Trademarks Your Executives’ Names Common

Your brand name your product name your slogan any of your trademarks your executives’ names common or possible misspellings of all of the above. Which social media platform has the most fake accounts. There’s no real way to know which social platform has the most fake accounts at any one time. 

But we do have the different KH Lists platforms’ enforcement reports to get a sense of how many fake accounts are being caught. Here are the most recent quarterly numbers actione by each platform. Use hootsuite to easily find and monitor conversations that are relevant to your business on social media. Save time and keep your brand safe. Book a demo to see it in action.

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