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Facebook that performed best in 2014

Facebook pages (analysis by number of fans, categories and countries) Another year comes to an end and as usual it is time to review everything that it has left us. That’s exactly what the guys at Cool Tabs are doing. First they shared their study on social media campaigns in 2014 and now they bring us an infographic with an interesting analysis of Facebook pages according to their number of fans, categories and countries of origin, in this same year. How and where have you obtained the data to carry out the analysis of Facebook pages.

Categories and countries

To create this analysis, they email database have used the data obtained thanks to their free “Page Performance” tool , which we have already talked about previously ( see here ). Because it allows us to find out how our company page is performing and, at the same time, compare it with the average results of other Facebook pages with approximately the same number of fans as ours. That is, this free tool tells us if our organic reach, viral reach, engagement, number of people talking about this… among other KPIs, are below or above the general.

Know general data

Average that some other company KH Lists pages similar to ours usually achieve. . In addition, with the new Premium version, this tool also manages to compare the results of your Fan Page with those obtained by your competition (since you can know the percentages most similar to your business’s Facebook page, filtering them by categories and countries ). Know general data about Facebook pages As I mentioned, this end of the year Cool Tabs has set out to resolve some of the doubts that professionals and companies.

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