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Marketing trends for hotels in 2015

Marketing trends, Hotel marketing in 2015 (Infographic) During 2014.  A great step was taken in the online context of global hotel marketing. Therefore, but this 2015 is ready to surpass it in every way and be an even better year than its predecessor. Therefore, To a large extent. This new evolution could be possible thanks to the appearance of many new and interesting tools for this very competitive tourism marketing sector. Therefore, which has always been characterized by its rapid growth on the Internet and its extremely changing ecosystem. Perhaps it is for all these reasons.a great step was taken in the online context of global hotel marketing.

Marketing trends

On this occasion, and as email leads happened last year . Therefore, therefore, the company brings us its particular predictions for this new year. Marketing trends, Therefore, that is. 15 online marketing trends for hotels that will surely occupy a very prominent place throughout 2015. Therefore, Online marketing trends for hotels in 2015 Trends for 2015 in Hotel Online Marketing Foto (Travel booking): Shutterstock What trend has surprised you the most? Did you like it. share it X LinkedIn Facebook WhatsApp Telegram Email You may be interested… José Facchin -Facchin I am an SEO consultant and Digital Marketing teacher. , specialized in Content Marketing and Web positioning. I have a degree in Information Systems Analyst

Online marketing

Online Reservations Plugins in WordPress KH Lists for Hospitality and Restaurant Businesses Online booking plugins in WordPress for hospitality and restaurant businesses José Facchin – How to Segment in Social Networks for Tourism. Therefore, 6 Ideas  Infographic How to segment on social networks for tourism.  Therefore, 6 ideas  Infographic José Facchin – Pms For Hotels Why Should You Own That Hotel Management Tool.Therefore, PMS for hotels Why should you have this hotel management tool? Avatar of José Facchin WRITTEN BY José.

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