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FOMO and the paradox of choice applied to Digital Marketing

Discover how to increase your conversions by applying the principles of the paradox of choice and the “fear of being wrong.” I was going to start the post by telling you “hooooola! How is everything going?” And those things that I always say but I have challenged myself to start differently . I was going to tell you a kind of joke related to when someone orders a coffee, but you would think I was repeating myself because I already did it in this article , which, precisely, talks about similar things.

I was going to tell you

who started with 3 flavors (strawberry, pear and peach) and one day decided to increase his offer to no less than 30 flavors (there was even eggplant jam, which is trendy). But since the story doesn’t end too well and the .  Poor man ended up becoming a Community Manager , we left it. Totally, after thinking it over and over… Hoooooola! How top industry data are you? Good? I hope so! Me too, thank you . Here on the couch with a blanket, Mac, a baby monitor camera and a smile from ear to ear. What more could you want?. But I’m not going to get into the intro anymore, I’m going to tell you exactly what we’re going to talk about today: the Paradox of Choice and how to exploit it in our Digital Marketing strategies (forgive me for the link, I do it with love).

The psychology around the Paradox of Choice

There is an example that illustrates all this very well: buying a car . Nooooo please! I hate buying cars (it sucks having to do it every week, hahahaha). Anyway. There are so many options, there are so many variables to analyze, there is so much to weigh that something that KH Lists should fill us with excitement becomes a real odyssey . Yes or no? And the worst is not that. The worst thing is that feeling of fear that you get when, out of exhaustion, you end up deciding on one. That feeling of subtle fear that you have for the .  Possibility of having made a mistake that you still end up in front of the mirror saying to yourself: “Sale, it’s already done.  There is no turning back, I’m sure it will turn out .  Well for you and, if not, then like next week you will.  You buy another one because you throw this one away.

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