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 Legal information Clean business logo I am, web designer. My mission is to help individual entrepreneurs and companies have a modern and fresh website to enhance their image and sales. Twitter LinkedIn Main About Me Services Folder My Tools Contact New!Rental Web Content Blog: How to Create a Booking System on Your Website Comments Web Design Author: Undoubtedly the most versatile plug-in package for adding functionality.

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 As with basic and premium plugins, they are the best, most expensive, and most popular. But new data plug-ins are not only used to add widgets to the visual layout, but are the only ones that give you the option and possibility of a full swiss army knife at a functional level, which will culminate more than once. One of the most popular plugins in the package is that it allows you to create a very cool booking system on your website so that your customers can hire your services and pay directly on your website.

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 If your booking system does not involve online payment, it is not required.: Another plugin we will use it to create custom post types for services and professionals, in addition to booking form ( Yes, yes, plural form I will tell you below why ). Plugin Installation and KH Lists Initial Configuration For the entire process to go smoothly, we must install the plug-ins in the following order and configure each plug-in using the main options I will describe to you: the first plug-in we want to install.

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