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Freely translated from the original. MII deals with strategic development and consultancy. Ital channels. I leave you with another reading tip some slides create by. Linda Kiplinger Global Search Marketing for NVIDIA in which she talks about ice Internal Search Engine Optimization . Fundraising on digital channels AMER Health Africa AND EMILI Valentina Tamarin Valentina Tamarin Dec , AM The birth of AND EMILI coincide with the beginning of a precious partnership I’m talking about the collaboration with AMER Health Africa, the largest healthcare organization operating in Africa, active since. The birth of AND EMILI coincide with

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The beginning of a precious partnership. I’m talking about the photo editing servies collaboration with AMER Health Africa. The largest healthcare organization operating in Africa, active since . This immutably seem like the perfect opportunity to present the collaborative soul of AND EMILI and to get involv in topics different from those we were us to dealing with. The collaboration with AMER was born last September, when we promote the online campaign. La Banca Dei Soini” , part of the broader communication campaign “Don’t help us for charity”. The objective of the campaign was to propose

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A change in the perspective with which KH Lists the African continent is look at, focusing. On the many potentials it can offer and trying to set aside stereotypes. the cartoon by Mauro Bani for AmrefMauro Bani’s cartoon for AMER Subsequently, we were entrust with the online campaign for Christmas , which start at the end of. October and is still ongoing we were immutably very enthusiastic about this opportunity, ready to put ourselves to the test and give voice to AMER projects, in which we firmly believe . AND EMILI deals with strategic development and consultancy on digital channels. Discover the Digital Marketing services.

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