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Generate a direct link to write a review on Google My Business

Discover how to generate a direct link so that your clients can leave you reviews on Google My Business . I’m going to start with a question that may seem very strange to you but that has its own: How long do you think it takes to change a diaper (or whatever) in the only bathroom that has a changing table and which, by the way, is usually the one for girls? Be careful because there is a trap. 5 minutes? 10 If it has been one of those that makes a mess even down to the bodysuit and the t-shirt? I don’t know… what if I ask you how many people are needed? 10 people in a Seat 600 falls short. I swear. Anyway …

Why ask for reviews directly on Google My Business?

The first question that will arise is whether it is really wise to ask for reviews to be left directly on Google My Business instead of requesting them by email to put them on your website. We, after thinking about it a lot, came to the conclusion that it is a good option : It helps industry email list you in local positioning. Obviously this is the main advantage because many positive reviews on your business listing will tell Google that “the peñuqui likes you” and will reward you with a better local position. It does not prevent you from moving it to your website. If a review is very good, nothing prevents you from moving it to your website and then you have them on both sites.

The problem of asking for reviews on Google My Business

Marina became desperate, looked at me and said: “Daddy, change my diaper.” Itziar and I looked at each other surprised, how is it KH Lists possible that it took so long? You can hear commotion inside, but you don’t hear any children. What they might be doing? It’s been more than 15 minutes now! We began to create crazier versions of the story. Consuelo, who was outside, arrived desperate: still? what’s going on? … Although it seems very advantageous, not sticky, asking your clients for reviews directly on Google My Business can cause you a lot of problems .

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