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But above all in the organiz and strategic management of social mia, a business tool that is now fundamental for companies, individuals and entities that want to establish a winning relationship with their public. Metaverse, what it is and how to access it now FRANCESCO FARINELLI – 23 SEPTEMBER 2022 metaverse In the field of digital communication, we are increasingly talking about the Metaverse, especially after Mark Zuckerberg announc that he is focusing heavily on this evolution, also introducing the new name of his social universe, “Meta”.

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Exclusively by science fiction experts and enthusiasts. You might be interest in: “Mini-revolution in B2B social mia: the new LinkIn africa email list  Business Manager will soon be online” How the Metaverse was born and for what purposes metaverse The first to use the word “Metaverse” was the book “Snow Crash”. He theoriz something that we are concretely approaching today, 30 years later: the possibility of transforming the internet (then in its infancy) into an immersive digital world. From imagination, although competent and accurate, to reality, of particular interest for companies as well as for the public.

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Content Marketing trends and statistics! Uses and limits of Midjourney Midjourney represents a valid ally for graphic designers, in fact it is capable of rendering surprising images, but it still nes human intervention to work effectively. A creative can use it as a tool to get inspiration and create a new project starting from the input provid or have different variations of the same concept available in a short time. A discussion very similar KH Lists  to that made for ChatGpt also applies to Midjourney: it is the personality of the creative that makes the difference and makes this work irreplaceable even with the aid of machines.

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