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Here are 11 Skills You Need to Succeed as a Freelance Writer

There are as many freelance jobs as there are freelancers. Each one has its own unique set of industry and market skills that a freelancer will need to be successful. However, there are some core traits and skills that all successful freelance writers have in common.

Whether you want to be a blogger, copywriter, content writer, or SEO Google expert, you will need certain freelance writing skills to further your career.

In this blog post, we will explore.


Understanding Hard Skills Vs. Soft Skills

These are teachable or measurable abilities and skills that are crucial for successfully performing a particular job.

These are not to be Ws Data confused with innate qualities or natural skills that may make someone a better fit for a particular job.

Examples of hard freelancer writing skills include:

SEO: All freelance writers should have a solid understanding of how to optimize content for search engines. This includes an ability to keep SEO skills updated and in line with current best practices.
Bookkeeping: As a freelance writer, you’re responsible for billing, collecting payments, and managing taxes. That said, knowledge of how to manage money is a must.
Computer Knowledge: You’ll run your freelance writing business via computer. An understanding of computers, word-processing software, popular content management platforms, and more is essential.
Client Outreach: Freelancer writing skills that help you connect with existing and potential clients are non-negotiable hard skills to have.
Basic Coding: Many freelance writers do work that requires them to format content for a client’s website, post it to their content management system of choice, or both. This makes basic working knowledge of HTML and CSS, for example, very helpful to have.
Scheduling: Your success as a writer will depend on your ability to set, maintain, and adjust your schedule on an ongoing basis.

Writing-Specific Freelance Skills


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ndividuals who want to further their freelance writing business need different hard and soft skills depending on what services they provide and what specific industries they are focused on working with.

It’s important to note that freelance writers need skills and traits that KH Lists might not necessarily apply to a graphic designer, video editor, or accountant.

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