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What is the Impact of SEO on Brand Awareness and How to Measure it

By having your branding story clearly laid out, you can start to raise awareness to become a recognizable brand.

Now, check out how to use SEO to increase brand awareness and how to measure its effectiveness.

What is the purpose of an SEO strategy? For many professionals, the answer is simple: generate organic traffic. After all, placing the site at the top of Google Search means earning clicks from the majority of the users, who rarely go past the first five search results.

What is the relationship between SEO and brand awareness

Therefore, some Marketing strategies should intend to consolidate the  Ws Database brand among the largest number of people in the target audience. Among them, SEO is one of the most powerful possibilities, but not always considered when brands come up with strategies to increase brand awareness.

This way, brands can strengthen their brand with a strategy that does not require media investments. Good idea, isn’t it?

Rock Content itself, for example, consolidated its image in the market with a strong SEO strategy. Conquering the top positions in terms related to Digital Marketing and Content Marketing contributed a lot towards expanding the reach of the brand and making it a leader in those areas.

In addition, the people who find us on Google know our content, perceive the quality of what we deliver, and understand the values of our brand. As a consequence, it gets more and more consolidated in people’s minds.

On the other hand, brand awareness also contributes to SEO. As the brand becomes better known and remembered, it becomes a topic on the internet and is more searched on Google. Search engines place a lot of importance on that.

Google’s algorithm is interested in knowing the public’s best-known brands. After all, it wants to deliver reliable responses to users, and more consolidated brands tend to offer higher-quality content.

The “Who is Neil Patel?” campaign, for example, was created for this purpose. Neil Patel created a provocative strategy on social networks, with women asking “Who is Neil Patel?” to strengthen his name on his arrival in Brazil.

The intention was to encourage people to search for his name on Google and thus show the algorithm that the term was relevant. In fact, searches multiplied and helped to introduce to Brazil the name of one of the greatest Digital Marketing gurus.

But brand awareness also strengthens SEO strategy in another way. Most well-known brands in the market tend to attract more clicks in the search results. And a good organic CTR is a positive sign for Google’s algorithm, which favors the page in rankings.

What are the benefits of using SEO to increase brand awareness

Marketers can follow several strategies to increase brand awareness. SEO is often overlooked, while they prioritize other strategies such as social media, paid advertisement, branded content, and event sponsorship.

However, many of these strategies end up becoming too expensive or laborious, especially for small businesses. So, SEO can take part in planning as a more economic and KH Lists efficient solution.

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