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How AI and ChatGPT Will Affect SEO on Google

Recently, the discussion around the future of SEO has been incomplete without addressing the rise of AI, specifically ChatGPT. But what does this AI ChatGPT buzz truly entail and how will it impact Google’s SEO moving forward? As a marketer, it’s important to understand the potential of this technology and its practical applications.


What Company Owns ChatGPT

Writing-based AI programs – like Jasper and GrowthBar, to name just a couple – have been around for a while now.

It can realistically and comfortably converse with a human person. However, it is much more advanced than other chatbots regarding what it can do and how efficiently.

ChatGPT is a specific type of AI interface called a large learning model. This means it was trained on nearly incalculable amounts of available data.

As a result, it’s smart enough to predict logical word sequences in sentences. The more data a large learning model like ChatGPT ingests, the smarter and more efficient it becomes.

Source: Tufts Daily/ChatGPT
In some cases, large learning models can even demonstrate entirely unexpected abilities for which they were not trained.

For example, the Stanford-trained GPT-3 program was able to translate written texts from English to French, although it was never programmed to do so.

Being able to acquire knowledge and apply it in different ways is very similar to what humans do when they learn.

This is why and how ChatGPT can do things like carry on very human-like conversations, answer complex questions, and even write coherent essays on nearly any topic.

Is AI ChatGPT the end of Google


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Since artificial intelligence on the level of ChatGPT seems to answer questions better than the Google search engine, there are some speculations that Google will soon be obsolete.

However, these worries are pretty groundless.

ChatGPT can definitely be helpful for further exploring different topics, but it’s highly prone to both KH Lists inaccuracies and strong biases.

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