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The copyright of the images produc by the AI midjourney

The use of artificial intelligence to create visual elements is a growing trend in the digital world, but it also raises important legal questions regarding the copyright of the images generat. Who owns images creat by an AI-bas computer system? Is it possible to register copyright for these images and protect them from unauthoriz use? These are just some of the dilemmas that ne to be address, with a certain urgency, within an increasingly interconnect world where artificial intelligence is playing an important game.

The current conditions of Midjourney,

In its free version, allow the images to be in the public domain. In the case of paid accounts, permission to use the works for commercial purposes country email list     is grant. Furthermore, even if someone decid to reproduce the same work, they would not be subject to legal consequences since copyright laws in the Unit States do not allow claims of copyright for works generat by artificial intelligence. You might be interest in: “The importance of videos in integrat communication” Conclusions To control the future we must control the present and – whether we like it or not – artificial intelligence will increasingly be part of our lives.

It will be up to us to choose whether to be replac

By machines, settling for miocre results, or to become their allies, combining the creative abilities of graphic designers with the potential of artificial intelligence. Do you want to increase sales? Get in touch with us for advice on integra  KH Lists  tcommunication for your company TweetShare Leonardo Rosa Written by Leonardo Rosa Project manager and copywriter. He was born as a jurist and was then conquer by corporate journalism. Curiosity, investigation and passion for storytelling guide his creative writing for numerous business sectors.

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