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It is important Product Pioneers that within the market we stop seeing brand building and performance as completely isolated things. This fusion where the essential lies: we have to consider branding and performance as an integrated approach that will help us shape future demand, while collecting existing demand. It is also important that we understand that each brand needs a different strategy because it is in a process and at a different time: what works for a start-up is not scalable to what a company in the maturity stage needs and vice versa. Working in silos, whether dividing the “traditional” from the “digital”, or, as in this case, separating branding from performance is counterproductive. 


What does your 360 Product Pioneers vision of the digital world consist of

UPartner Media’s 360 vision is not category email list only limited to the digital world. This is what I told you before, if you work on communication in silos it will never be efficient. We are based on a strategy that works based on objectives and we use the channel that is most appropriate to achieve it. We are efficient in this selection because the decisions made in this step are not random or based on intuition , but on a great technological solution that uses machine learning to always optimize, improve and increase campaign results. Although this does not mean that our team loses weight in the process, on the contrary, our developments allow them to use their time to have a greater strategic vision.


How does UPartner Media use data and technology

UPartner Media has a technology-based ecosystem, where we KH Lists unify all client  activity, not only in terms of media but also the results that each action they take has on their business results. We are capable of monitoring the entire funnel, including its middle phases, which is where we are truly differential. This means that we can, with extensive granularity, know which activation works best but not only in terms of return on investment but from a complete vision of brand and business objectives. Therefore, the campaigns that we activate for our partners can be very economically profitable: we measure everything and we measure it through a real single-source vision, which allows us to optimize each euro invested based on the results that the activation seeks to obtain.


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