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International air travel increases from last year

This blog has previously discussed the importance of targeted internet marketing for the travel industry. Companies that want to encourage customers to visit a particular area, or ensure that a specific consumer base responds positively to advertisements, must remain diligent in creating strong campaigns.

Air travelers are becoming an even more International air travel  essential audience for travel companies using real time advertising, especially with recent research showing that international air traffic to and from the united states increased by 4 percent from june 2012 to june 2013. According to data from the office of travel & tourism industries, 89.7 million passengers flew in and out of the united states, with american citizens making up 45 percent of that traffic.

Overseas air traffic accounted for 66.1 million passengers

74 percent of all international, and grew by three percent,” explained a global travel industry news article. “U.S. Citizen travel (30 million) was up one percent comprising 45 percent of overseas air traffic.”

Additionally, non-u.S. Citizen air phone number lists ravelers increased by 5 percent, raising their overall market share to 55 percent.

With real time advertising campaigns, businesses can International air travel  reach their target audience through various communication channels. Mobile display ads and search marketing are important tools as technology continues to evolve and more individuals use smartphones and tablets.

Organizations that operate in the travel industry and want

To develop strong, targeted marketing campaigns can partner with key media solutions. We can create unique ads that will be sure to entice customers to consider a specific destination.
According to the 2013 adventure tourism market study, adventure travel has been growing 65 percent year-over-year since 2009. Now, the outbound adventure travel market for the americas and europe is estimated to be $263 billion.

The study was conducted by george washington KH Lists university with the adventure travel trade association (atta).

“We expected growth — we expected big growth — but not at that level,” atta president shannon stowell told travel weekly.

Stowell added that there were several factors that International air travel  contributed to the rapid growth. First, more adventure travel suppliers are being created, and the market itself is becoming more mainstream. When the study was first conducted in 2009, the entire travel industry was bottoming out because of the economic downturn.

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