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Keyword Block the Alt Text Field in Instagram

Seo is a secondary benefit. Not the primary purpose of alt text. I’ve said it before. And i’ll say it again. Do not keyword block the alt text field in instagram for the sake of better seo. I understand that it improves search results within the app. But it also defeats the ultimate purpose of alt text. Physically describing the image.   Alexa heinrich hash tag march  one last tip. Don’t misuse alt text for purposes other than describing an image. Alt text fields should not be use to hide information easter eggs. Be witty. Or create memes. Users who nee alt text the most will not understand this context   save the jokes for your captions. Video captions adding captions or subtitles to videos is crucial for users with hearing challenges.

Enhance the Viewing Experience for Users Watching

They also enhance the viewing experience for users watching in a non-native language or sound-off environments. There are two types of captions. Close and open. Users can turn close captions on or off. And they are adde natively within social platforms usually as a .srt file. Open captions are burned in when creating the video. 

Close captions are preferred for business database accessibility. But open captions can be use if close isn’t available or if a brand has a strict design style to apply to their captions. Here’s how to add captions on each platform. Facebook. You can automatically generate close captions and eit them. Write them manually. Or upload a .srt file. For ads. You can add them in multiple languages.

Generate Close Captions to Reels and Stories

Instagram you can add auto-generate close captions to reels and stories. It’s not possible to upload srt files. Tiktok. You can add auto-generate close captions to videos or manually add open captions via tiktok eiting tools. Youtube. You can automatically generate close captions and eit them. Write them manually. Or upload a srt file. 

Twitter. Auto captions are enable by KH Lists default for all videos poste on twitter. You can also upload a .srt file. Tip. Hootsuite allows you to upload .srt files in compose. Making adding close captions to your videos easy. This tiktok video shows what auto-generate close captions look like on tiktok. Note. The captions only appear in the tiktok app. Not on desktop.

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