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People and Be More Engaging

People and be more engaging. That’s what social media marketers care about most right. A verizon study found that 83 of us users watch content with sound off. Chatterblast found that 77% of conversions happened on videos with sound off. So. Creating accessible content truly benefits us all. 7 inclusive design tips for social media managers. Always add alt text descriptive captions and alternative text also known as alt text allow people to visualize images when they can’t see them. It’s important to add alt text. As accessibility tools read them to describe images for users. Leaving it blank will cause a screen reader to announce it as image. Creating a poor experience. Several social media platforms use object recognition technology to generate automatic alt text.

Adding a Custom Description Is Always Better

However these captions are often vague or limited. So adding a custom description is always better. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. And linkein provide specific fields to add alt text for images and gifs you can also add alt text with hootsuite. If adding or eiting alt text is impossible. Include descriptive words in the post copy.

Image description option tips for business lead creating good alt text. Describe what’s actually in the image. Bad example. Image of bar chart. Good example. A bar chart showing a consistent year-over-year increase in the s&p 500 index. Skip saying image of or photo of. The royal national institute of blind people says most screen readers prefer you don’t. Include humor.

Jokes or Subtleties Conveyed in the Visual

Alt text doesn’t have to be overly formal and should explain any jokes or subtleties conveye in the visual. Transcribe text. If the image has copy that is central to its meaning. Include it in the description. Don’t forget gifs. On twitter. You can add alt text for gifs. If the platform doesn’t support alt text for gifs. Include a description in the copy. Be concise. It often takes longer to narrate alt text than to read it.

So keep that in mind when KH Lists writing descriptions. A note about seo on social media. While alt text doesn’t necessarily impact search engine rankings. It does improve search rankings within social media apps. However. You should always prioritize writing a clear and detailed description first.

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