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But we both know this won’t work. Or it might bring in the short term but not in the long term. The fact is that your affiliate commission will ultimately come from only a few products. Even if you recommend 25 products on your blog, only a few, 2-5 will actually bring you money. In Affilaite marketing, quantity never replaces quality. carefully. Put yourself in the reader’s and follower’s shoes for a moment. What product does he like? And what does he need? What really helps him? If you start recommending products that are not related in any way to the content you write, Followers will smell a burnt cane. You don’t want someone trying to sell you drums in a clothing store either. You hardly play drums and it makes you wonder why they are sold in clothing stores.

That’s why you should choose the products

When choosing products, you should consider the following: what the products benefit and help the reader which products suit your brand and values which products you like and which products special data you use length of cookies (after how long the commission is still registered to you) amount of commission commission basis (percentage, fixed amount, lead, display) 6. How should a recommendation be made?  always be done with respect for the readers and the company. Remember, your job is only to bring the buyer and the seller together. In return, you will receive a commission. There are 14 different strategies for recommending affiliate products.

Recommending affiliate products should

To save time, I won’t go through them all here, but I will give you 3 tips for recommendation: 6.1. Be open, genuine and honest A genuine and honest opinion about the product always goes the farthest. And when you choose products that match your own values, why not openly share your opinion. Start affiliate marketing here 6.2. Share information forward For example, you can find a -20% discount coupon for the DCON.fi site. You will find a new coffee machine for which you can use the discount code. In a few weeks, you’ll be tweeting to your followers how great your morning starts when you get to enjoy the delicious coffee your new coffee maker makes. “The best coffees ever! I would not have thought that you can get such quality products from #cdon. Fits perfectly into the interior too! bit . ly / kjhafou ” When, according to the text, you add a picture of the delicious coffee, the recommendation is ready. 6.3.

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