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Sharing resources with other windows

 A) apple and windows networks specialist module: mac integration basics and office 365 (in virtual classroom) learn to manage mac integration in mix  networks . Skill in great demand today. Since macs. In addition to being us  by individual users. With local or icloud backup and synchronization services. Are widely us  in corporate networks. Sharing resources with other windows. Linux. Etc. Platforms. In these situations it is necessary to have the skills to install and configure client and server systems. Network services and peripherals in a logic of efficiency and integration. It is also necessary to guarantee help desks for users and intervention in case of problems.


Takes place in a physical classroom as it includes

 B) apple and networking systems specialist email List module: fundamentals of cisco meraki (in virtual classroom) introduction to cisco meraki. A hardware suite for implementing complex hybrid. Wir  and wireless networks. E) distribution and security module: fundamentals on mdm and jamf now (in virtual classroom) introduction to the management of a large number of devices in corporate environments with mad and jamf f) service fundamentals module (in virtual classroom) know the apple methodology to be able to correctly navigate real situations: technical failures. Troubleshooting. Customer relations. G) apple certifi  mac technician – acmt module (virtual classroom + laboratory in a physical classroom in milan) this part of the training course. D icat  to the repair of macs . Takes place in a physical classroom as it includes practical disassembly sessions of the various mac models.


To give space to practical disassembly

 Our classrooms are transform  into laboratories complete with  KH Lists all the tools requir  by apple. With the main devices and models on which to work. H) apple certifi  ios technician – acit module (virtual classroom + laboratory in a physical classroom in milan) this part of the path. To learn how to repair iphone . Also takes place in a physical classroom. To give space to practical disassembly sessions in person of our apple-certifi  teachers . Who have been working as professional hardware (and software) technicians for years. We are organizing two free webinars during which you will be able to see our adobe teachers in action (live): they will show you potential. Tricks of the trade and curiosities about the main software in the adobe creative cloud suite.


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