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The GENIO Awards, organized by the Vocento group. Will Product Excellence celebrate their 16th edition in Granada on March 23. This was announced by Rafael Martínez de Vega , general director of CM Vocento. During the awards presentation. Monday at the group’s headquarters in Madrid. These awards, which have an increasingly relevant role in the communication sector. Received works from 45 new brands in the last edition. There are already 740 that have participated during the 15 years of these awards.


Being held Product Excellence in Granada

This almost centenary newspaper (founded in 1932), far from industry email list being a classic. Has organized events such as Talking about Twitter or Alhambra Venture for a decade. Vocento will organize two days of presentations, networking and awards in the Andalusian city next spring, in which guests, speakers and members of the jury will be able to enjoy the most cultural Granada but also the modern part that the city offers as a center of business, according to Rafael Martínez de Vega.


Cultural Intelligence will focus

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