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Number of images and texts, producing artistic output. There are already some brands that have us it, such as Mulino Bianco , which publish the first carousel of 2023 on Facebook and Instagram creat with images generat by the artificial system (however, the caption was written by a copywriter!). Let’s see better what it is. You might be interest in: “The role of the Copywriter in the times of ChatGPT” How Midjourney works midjourney Made available to the public in beta version in July 2022, Midjourney has generat a good level of profits in a short time. You can use it through the official web application or through the Discord server .

Unlike its twin (Chatbot), it offers a free trial period

At the end of which the user receives notification to sign up for a subscription. The operation is simple, you describe  email list the image you want to view through a caption insert in the appropriate field and send the request. The system responds with four images representing the interpretations given by the artificial intelligence. It seems banal but it is not: behind it there is always the thought of the human being who must be able to communicate effectively with the AI ​​and clearly summarize a concept not yet express visually.

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Content Marketing trends and statistics! Uses and limits of Midjourney Midjourney represents a valid ally for graphic designers, in fact it is capable of rendering surprising images, but it still nes human intervention to work effectively. A creative can use it as a tool to get inspiration and create a new project starting from the input provid or have different variations of the same concept available in a short time. A discussion very similar KH Lists  to that made for ChatGpt also applies to Midjourney: it is the personality of the creative that makes the difference and makes this work irreplaceable even with the aid of machines.

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