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 Whether you are a physiotherapist, dentist, masseuse, psychologist, lawyer ( the one I hang here, hah) or any other professional who offers appointment services, this is your plugin! There are other booking systems that can be added to, for example, or, but today I’m going to focus on this and it’s great. In another post, I will tell you the rest of the content ( let’s see if I haven’t forgotten to do this ). Come on, madam, take it out of my hands!

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 Catalog Index Set what your booking system needs Plugin new database installation and initial configuration Jet Engine Create custom post types for services and vendors Post type configuration Configuration Step One: Connect custom post types Step Two: Set up the database table Step Three: Set Opening Hours and Holidays Step One: Integrated and automatic form creation Add items to services and suppliers Services Professionals Form configuration

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 Field settings Post-submission action notification settings Message settings Create separate pages for services Control panel Conclusions and personal perceptions Set what is required for a reservation system To use to create a reservation KH Lists system We have to have two other plugins to work properly: it will act as a payment gateway for the system so that your customers can book after payment.

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